Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In DC


Psilocybin mushrooms, also known as “magic mushrooms” or simply “shrooms” are a type of mushroom that contain hallucinogens like psilocybin or psilocin. They’re used as a recreational drug and are commonly consumed for their hallucinogenic effects. Shrooms are usually eaten fresh, mixed with cooked food to mask the bitter taste, or made into tea for drinking. Many people use them for the fun of experiencing an altered view of reality. Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In DC

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In DC

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In DC – Several studies have shown that psilocybin, the active ingredient in magic mushrooms, has potential benefits for treating depression by positively affecting the brain. It also has the potential to promote brain health and may help stave off smoking and other addictions. Given these reported health benefits and the delightful psychedelic experience it brings, it’s no surprise that it continues to grow in popularity, with more and more people considering giving mushrooms a try.

But before you jump into your search about where to buy mushrooms in DC, let’s get into whether mushrooms are legal in DC, and what effects you can expect from these amazing plants. Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In DC


In 2021, the District of Columbia followed California, Oakland, Denver, and other jurisdictions in decriminalizing some natural psychedelics including mescaline, ayahuasca, and psilocybin “magic” mushrooms. This was after ballot Initiative 81, which was spearheaded by DC resident Melissa Lavasani, passed with overwhelming support from DC voters in November 2020, and went into effect in March 2021.

Although Initiative 81 (Entheogenic Plants and Fungus Policy Act of 2020) does not make it legal to use and be in possession of magic mushrooms in DC, it makes the prosecution of them the lowest priority for DC police and eliminates the criminal penalty that goes along with it. Essentially, what this means is that between a jaywalker and someone using psilocybin, Metropolitan Police Department will prioritize dealing with the former.  Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In DC

It’s important to keep in mind that while certain psychedelics have been decriminalized in DC, Initiative 81 does not override the law that prohibits the buying and selling of psilocybin mushrooms. Now does this mean you can’t get your hands on this plant medicine? Not necessarily. Thanks to the mushroom gifting community, you can get them from gifting shops when you buy art prints, shirts, and stickers. Gifting weed or magic mushrooms is allowed, so you’ll have no problem getting them from a gifting dispensary near you.


Now that shrooms are decriminalized in DC, it’s a great time to take advantage of this wonderful shift in the market where its use has become among the lowest law enforcement priorities for DC police. However, many are still cautious about where and how to buy shrooms given the vagueness of the law surrounding its possession and consumption. After all, you wouldn’t want to face legal problems from purchasing psychedelic plants when you can do it safely by obtaining them from reputable gifting services. Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In DC

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In DC

While it’s a lot simpler now to have access to and consume magic mushrooms in DC, you want to get your shrooms, as well as your edibles and marijuana flowers from dispensaries that have a wide selection of legal shrooms, have great quality control in place, and are open to answering your questions about their products.


In a nutshell it is legally possible to buy magic mushrooms in Washington DC. SHROOM BARS DC has got you covered for all purchases of magic mushrooms, mushroom chocolate bars and gummies with safe delivery. Are Magic Mushrooms Legal In DC

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